Is this sticky goo building up in your body?

  • Highly processed foods
  • Foods with added sugars
  • Fried foods
  • Meats
  • Cheeses
  • Fried eggs
  • Butter
  • Foods with refined oils
  • Margarine and mayonnaise
  • Foods cooked at high, dry heat
  • Eat a whole-foods-based diet that includes legumes, vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed grains
  • Avoid eating high AGE foods when possible
  • Cook IN liquids when possible, for example, steaming, poaching, or stewing
  • And if you’re not cooking in liquid, try to still use it whenever possible (example: braising)
  • Don’t char your food or over-cook it!
  • Exercise and being active can help keep your levels down



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Brian Meisenburg

Brian Meisenburg


Brian Meisenburg is a Buffalo Personal Trainer who helps clients lose weight and reclaim their health and wellness. Learn more at